Our Mission

The mission of Africa's Children's Fund is to assist under-served children and their families in the United States, the Caribbean and Africa to improve the quality of their lives and civic contribution through educational, supportive services, nutritional and medical programs.

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About ACF

Africa's Children's Fund wouldn't be where it is without its people.

Victor Mbaba: President & Founder

Victor Mbaba is the Executive Director and founder of Africa's Children's
Fund, an organization that provides assistance to under-served children and
their families to improve the quality of their lives and civic contribution 
through educational, medical, housing, and nutritional programs. Since
1993, Victor Mbaba has provided leadership to Africa's Children's Fund to serve 176,000 children in United States and several countries in Africa and the Caribbean through mentoring, gift of books, scholarships, and transitional housing programs.

Mbaba believes that "no condition in life is permanent" and "that people in need can become people who give hope to the needy".  His life history is an illustration of this statement.  He was orphaned at the age of 11, and homeless and out of school for three years between the age of 11 and 13 in his home country due to civil war.  At the end of the war in 1970, he re-enrolled in school, and completed elementary school.  In 1975, he earned a high school diploma from St. Columbanus Secondary School, Ikwen.  In 1979, he earned the National Certificate in Education (NCE) with a major in agriculture from Collge of Education in Katsina.  In 1983, he earned a B. Sc. Degree in Agriculture from the University of Nigeria.  In 1986, Mbaba earned a M. S. degree in Agribusiness from Tuskegee University.  He also earned another masters degree in Special Education from University of West Georgia in 1993.

Archbishop Desmond Mpilo Tutu: Honorary Chair

Archbishop Desmond Mpilo Tutu, Teacher, Theologian, and Archbishop Emeritus of Cape Town, South Africa, has been Honorary  Chairman   of Africa's Children's Fund (ACF) since 2001. Tutu has led fundraising efforts for ACF, and he has attracted the attention of World Leaders towards supporting programs for the development of children around the world.

Ms. Jovita Moore: Goodwill Ambassador

Ms. Jovita Moore, newscast anchor of WSB-TV Channel 2 Action News in Atlanta, Georgia has graciously agreed to be the "Goodwill Ambassador" for Africa's Children's Fund.

Ms. Moore, a native New Yorker earned her Master's Degree in Journalism from Columbia University and Bachelor of Arts from Bennington College.

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