Our Mission

The mission of Africa's Children's Fund is to assist under-served children and their families in the United States, the Caribbean and Africa to improve the quality of their lives and civic contribution through educational, supportive services, nutritional and medical programs.

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What We Do

Africa's Children's Fund is involved in lots of activities.  Please find below our various programs and the activities that fall under each:

Project EXCEL

Project EXCEL is a community - based prevention and education program that serves under served children and their families in Metropolitan Atlanta in United States.  The goal of this program is enhance academic productivity and life skills of youth in order to reduce the incidence of school failure, problem behavior, school drop out, and incarceration.

Gift of Books

Africa’s Children’s Fund recognizes the lack of educational resources in less fortunate countries. The level of  education decreases as the level of poverty increases.

We take our mission to heart and thus we continue to implement and expand our GIFT OF BOOKS program.

ACF Emergency Assistance Program

ACF Emergency Assistance Program  provides support services such as rental and utilities assistance, child care, job training, and life skills training to homeless and low–income women and children in Metro Atlanta, Georgia


Orphans Project

For over 10 years, Africa’s Children’s Fund has been a beacon and source of hope for thousands of children. It is our desire to expand our reach and touch more lives through our Orphans Program.

The  purpose of the Orphans Program is to provide financial services and other supportive services to Orphans and vulnerable children to enable them to acquire functional education for a better, more productive future.

Emergency Relief

When a disaster occurs, it can cause urgent health emergencies. This is why Relief is an essential part to organizing immediate local responses. Africa's Children's Fund responds. We work with local governments  to determine what is needed where and by whom. It is imperative that relief strategies are designed to ensure that resources are delivered in the appropriate amount to the right location. We send life-saving shipments of food, water and medical supplies to the affected areas.

Advocacy & Partnerships Program

Africa's Children's Fund works in partnership with other organizations to advocate for the right of children everywhere and to implement programs that help improve the quality of their lives.  Since our inception, we have collaborated with the following organizations in all aspects of our children and youth programs: